magic and boys!

okay there is three guys.Alex,who has blonde hair and green eye's.Fang,who has black hair and pure blue eyes (Yes I got the idea from Maximum Ride).And Max,who has brown hair and hazel eye's.

This is my first quiz so i'm sorry if you don't like it.I hope you do like it.i'm running out of things to say sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Byeeeeeeeeee!

Created by: jade
  1. You wake up and get ready to go to the mall with your friend Jay.What do you wear?
  2. you get dressed and get in your mustang GT.What color is it?
  3. you get to the mall.You find Jay and you guys go to Hottopic,American Eagel,Forever 21,and Hollister.Which store out of these is your favorite?
  4. you guys get done shopping and decide to get something to eat.While your eating you notice these three guys.The first one you see has brown hair and hazel eyes,the second guys has black hair and pure blue eyes,the last guy has blonde hair and green eyes.Which one catches your attention?
  5. "Hello?Earth to _______!(enter your name here)" says Jay. "Sorry." You say. "do you know those guys?" You ask her. "No.Do you?" she asks. "No." You say.
  6. when you guy's get done eating you walk through some other store's.You look behind you and see those one guys following you. "Jay!" you hiss. "What?" she asks. "Those guys that we saw in the Food Court are following us!" You whisper. "_______,your paranoid." she says. "If you don't believe me then look behind you." you say. she looks behind you and her eye's widen.
  7. you guy turn a corner and look back.You don't see the boy's.Jay has to go to the ladie's room.You wait outside the bathroom for her. While your waiting you take out your phone to see what time it is.It's 3:38.Just then,a hand cover's your mouth.You try to scream but the sound is muffled.The last thing you remember is seeing pure blue eye's.Then your world goes black.
  8. okay i have to ask these questions (these do not effect your score) What is your favorite color?
  9. what is your favorite band?
  10. what your hair color?
  11. thats it!Byeeeeeeeee! Please take my next quiz!!!!!

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