Can You Guess My Fictional Crushes?

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Okay, so we all know that I'm the oddball with crazy crushes. So, why don't we just make a quiz about it? Take this quiz to see just how crazy it gets.

All you have to do is guess based on what you feel, if you haven't encountered me. Just, you know, pick an answer and see what result you get. That's all.

Created by: AetherEliminaara
  1. Who was my first crush?
  2. Who was my first crush from Sonic?
  3. Who was my first videogame crush?
  4. What MGS character is my most resent crush?
  5. Which blond-haired character was my first human or human-ish crush?
  6. Who was my strangest crush?
  7. Who was the weirdest Sonic crush?
  8. Who do I like more?
  9. Which crush do I want to be like most?
  10. Finally, true or false: I've had over 50 fictional crushes?

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Quiz topic: Can I Guess My Fictional Crushes?