Are you boy-crazy?

Which sounds the most like you? Are you completely boy-crazy, or reliant on your true colors? There are advantages to both. Find out where you fall on the spectrum with this quiz!

Disclaimer: All names used in this quiz are purely fictional. It is a coincidence if that is also your name. I'm sorry in advance for offending anyone.

Created by: RLD
  1. Dylan sits down at the table behind you.
  2. You're at the pool with your friends when Xavier shows up.
  3. There's a big science test tomorrow.
  4. You've always wanted to learn to water-ski. Now the youth group's at the lake and you have your chance. James is there, but he doesn't want to water-ski.
  5. You make a list of the boys you like.
  6. Do you flirt with boys?
  7. How many crushes do you have?
  8. Do you want to date all the hot boys?
  9. Was this quiz good? (no effect)
  10. What do you think your result will be?

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Quiz topic: Am I boy-crazy?