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  • Gryffindors care about people, and seek external validation from others: theyre very interested in proving themselves. A Gryffindor is going to be very interested in being a hero; as Hermione has said, they may have a saving-people-thing . They dont care about knowledge as much as Ravenclaws, and certainly arent interested in knowledge for knowledges sake: if they want to save something, its going to be something that enables them to help others, and if they want to learn something, its going to be something that allows them to pursue adventures - ways to get about undetected, for example. They do dislike things that they consider boring and/or useless, and would prefer to seek the unknown rather than treading the usual paths - but less out of a desire for intellectual discovery and much more because of a thirst for adventure.

    Me: Hon, I got Gryffindor again!!! :)

    Harry: Why do you even take these quizzes anymore? You always get the same answer!

    Me: I know, I just like knowing that I land in the same house as the most awesome person in the world?

    Harry: Dumbledore?
    Me: No! The one I married, you.

    Pyra Potter

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