HP: A love story 2

Hi, guys! How are you? If you haven't read my first quiz, it's fine, but maybe read it just to catch up on where your at. It doesn't matter, since I didn't leave it on a cliffhanger, but now you should read in order. Don't worry, I'll make it easier to catch up.

I've added a new character, Ron Weasley, to the story, and next time I will think if adding a other one. I hope you like this quiz and look out for other ones. Thank you so much and may StarClan light your path. -Gingerpelt

Created by: Gingerpelt Of ThunderClan

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  1. "So, _, I'm so glad you came," said a familiar voice, no less than Draco. You sat on his bed and he settled down beside you. He smiled and said, "I really like you, you know," he paused, "Do you think we could be together?". You blushed. Your instincts told you to kiss him, and that's what you did. You cupped his face, and gently kissed him on the lips, wrapping your arms around his neck. He flinched back in surprise, but kissed you back almost at once. You pulled back and whispered," Does that answer your question?" He smiled and pulled your waist and kissed you a bit harder. You put one hand on his cheek and another one over his neck. Your lips moved as one, and you couldn't help smile. When you open your eyes, you see a dark haired boy instead of blonde hair and grey eyes. You gasp with shock and flinch back, and slowly closed your eyes to calm down. He gently thrust his face into yours, stroking your face and down to your neck. "I'm so glad you agreed," he murmured. He leans closer until his lips are touching yours. As soon as he kisses you, your eyes flutters open.
  2. You realize everything was a dream.
  3. On your way to breakfast, you meet a ginger haired boy. Ron, you recognise him, because he's Ginny's brother. He blushes, and you smile. You greet him, good morning, and he returns it. You walk together to the Gryffindor table. You settle down beside Ron and acroos Harry. Ron keeps on making you laugh, but you see Harry and Ron shooting each other dirty looks.
  4. You ignore it, it's none of your business
  5. On your way to class you feel arms pull you by the waist into a broom closet. You spin around and see Harry. Before you can react, he puts his finger on your lips. He starts at you desperately, and you nodded. He puts his hands down and says, "Hi, _, I really don't want much, but I know that Ron is jealous that a lot of people like you and that so do I. I am probably not helping matters, but I want you to know that I will be here if you ever need someone. I'd appreciate it if you could just see me as a brother... I guess." You smiled." Of course, " You reply. And you walked to the next class together.
  6. *time skip*
  7. At night, your dorm mates were out and hanging out together. You hear a knock on the door and shout "Who is it?" "It's me!" "Draco?!?!" you gasped. "How I'm the name of StarClan did you get past the password?" "Does it matter how? Let me in," you open the door, and he comes in.
  8. "Can I help you?" you ask "Actually, yes, I realized I have fallen for you, and I was wondering if we could be together." Then the whole dream started playing inside your head. You nodd, without thinking as you stare into space. Draco clearly doesn't realize, so he grabs your waist and pulls you forward. Instinctively, you cup his face and kissed him.
  9. Suddenly, the door swung open. It was Ron! You immediately break away from the kiss and try run after him and explain. You felt tears running dien your face, mostly out of anger. "SURE, IT'S FINE, AS PONG AS YOUR HAPPY! YOU CAN GO BACK A SNOG DRACO. I REALLY DONT CARE!!" he ranted. "As long as your happy, it's fine," he went in cooling down. "I still love you,"

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