Howrse - How Much Do You Know

Howrse is a game that I love. You may love it too, but do you KNOW the in's and out's of howrse? Do know about stuff that happens? Do You Know? Find Out!!!!!!!!!

So, after you take this quiz, you will either Know Howrse, Sort of Know Howrse, Or Not Know Howrse. If You Don't know Howrse, I advise you add me - yarra123 I will answer any PM's and questions. At the time of publishing, you could also get a unicorn for only 30 000e in my forum!

Created by: yarra123

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of these is a special?
  2. If you breed two unicorns of the same breed at the right time, what chance do you have of getting a unicorn?
  3. What makes a normal horse a Pegasus?
  4. At the start of 2012, who is/was the top player?
  5. What does these acronyms stand for? GT PoC HoP BO
  6. What does a GA do?
  7. What does a greenhouse do?
  8. What happens when donkeys breed?
  9. What can you do after your 50th day on howrse?
  10. In GT when does the update occur?
  11. Yay! You Have Completed The Quiz! It was my first quiz! Did you like it?

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Quiz topic: Howrse - How Much do I Know