What do you know about Howrse?

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You always knew you loved Howrse. You signed up ages ago (or maybe yesterday) and have learned a lot. But is that enough to beat this quiz, one of the longest, toughest, leanest, meanest ones you'll find? We shall see....

So, hop right in and start the quiz! See if YOU could teach chrissyh herself, the highest-ranking player, a thing or two about the mechanics of the game. Do you know Howrse lingo/slang? Do you BLUP and train like nobody's business? Are you a busy little social bee? You shall now see if that's prepared you for the task at hand!

Created by: Ali

  1. What does the abbreviation GP mean, and what does it apply to?
  2. What is an affix, and how many days do you have to wait to reserve your next one?
  3. How do you go up in the popularity rankings?
  4. What can you NOT do with diamonds?
  5. What year did the game begin?
  6. What is an Archimedes, and what can you win if you answer its question right (you can answer one a day)?
  7. How many Xanthos divine horses can you stroke in a day, and what does the first one give you?
  8. What's a pass horse?
  9. What does HoP stand for?
  10. What color are: (a) admin's names (b) mod's names (c) regular player's names
  11. What does PoC stand for?
  12. What does NIB stand for?
  13. Who is the top player on Howrse?
  14. What does EC stand for?
  15. What are the five tabs at the top of the page (in order)?
  16. How many objectives are there?
  17. How many days of seniority does it take to create a new breeding farm?
  18. How many equus will you recieve if a friend joins Howrse with you as their sponsor?
  19. What are the three public forums (under the Community tab)?
  20. What is not allowed in the Equestrian Center public forum?
  21. In the Equestrian Center Store, how many droppings can you buy in one day?
  22. How many grooms should you hire for your EC if you have 80 boxes? Hint: the first 20 boxes are taken care of by Howrse; you don't need an employee for them.
  23. Can you put horses up for sale in the Auctions for passes without having a Pegasus account?
  24. What are the two specialties in competitions available for your horses to choose?
  25. When you stroke a horse from the Safe Haven in your office, how many are there to choose from?
  26. What do you do with a shower?
  27. Did you enjoy this quiz? (the answer WILL affect your score!!!)

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Howrse?