How Much Do You Know Howrse?

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On howrse there are oldies, middlies and newbies. You might be and oldie but how much do you realy know about howrse? Can you beat the score of everyone else?

If you think you know howrse this is the quiz for you! There are also prizes to be won if you get a realy high score in the quiz, so good luck and get quizzing!

Created by: MellieMoo

  1. What do you add att the end of the URL to get to secret page number two?
  2. How much more can you credit our equus with each day untill you reach 4'000?
  3. Who is the most popular player on international howrse?
  4. How many characters do you need in your password?
  5. How many legs does a Sleipnir have?
  6. How much does MellieMoo now charge for a layout?
  7. What is the highest paid job?
  8. Which company made
  9. What season can you grow carrot seeds?
  10. How many passes is a Chronos' Timer?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Howrse?