How Addicted to Howrse are you?

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With Howrse, breed horses or ponies, and discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center! Manage a virtual equestrian center! Build your equestrian center, from meadows to boxes, Lodge breeders' horses, Hire staff to run your center, Organize prestigious competitions And try to have the most famous center on Howrse! Register for free on Howrse and take care of your first horse, then make your breeding farm prosper till you get to the top! Take care of one or many horses, Enhance their skills by training them, Win competitions and be ranked amongst the best, Breed your horses and extend your breeding farm!

Howrse is a great game that many people love, live and play! It is a game where you can breed howrses and have fun! However how addicted to Howrse actualy are you? Take this quick quiz to find out how addicted YOU are!

Created by: shadowsarah
  1. How much equus do you have in your reserve?
  2. Do you buy passes from howrse?
  3. Do you have any horses mentioned in the rankings?
  4. Do you ever get up at stupid times in the morning just to get the unicorn breeding time?
  5. Do you go on howrse very day? (not including when you are away without a computer)
  6. Do you spend ages drooling over croesus, gypse, fallabellas, harlequin etc?
  7. Would'nt you just LOVE a Cowbra?
  8. Approximately how many hours per day do you spend on howrse?
  9. Would you not do your homework just so you can look after your howrses? (Kids Only!)
  10. Do you spend a long time blupping your horses?
  11. Do you know all the shortened terms for Howrsey stuff? ie; ga, ew, fw, ibs, gp, ap
  12. Is your presentation perfect with a layout, banners, etc
  13. Which of the following are you most likely to say if you get outbidded on an amazing howrse?
  14. Do you have lots of bits of paper with howrsey stuff written all over it beside your computer?
  15. Did you manage to hatch your fallabella egg?
  16. Final Question! Do you spend ages approving ideas in the forum to 'make howrse better'?

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Quiz topic: How Addicted to Howrse am I?