What kind of Howrse.com player are you?

There are different types of Howrse.com players... like some are more popular and some don't have a clue how to play. There are always the ones in the middle and the mini-mods.

So what kind of Howrse.com player are you? Think your all that popular or respected? Are you Normal or new? Are you a mini-mod that does whatever a mini-mod does? Well step right up and find out

Created by: Creative_Being

  1. Do you enjoy Howrse.com?
  2. how many horses do you have?
  3. Do you own any divines or specials?
  4. How many days have you been on Howrse.com?
  5. Do you have many friends?
  6. Horse or Pony?
  7. Is howrse.com fun?
  8. Would you recommend howrse.com?
  9. Do you have a layout for your page?
  10. what kind of player do you think you will be?
  11. Last Question! Do you know all the rules?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Howrse.com player am I?