Howrse Trivia Quiz

Hello and welcome to my Howrse Trivia Quiz! What is Howrse, you ask? Well, if you can't answer that question, then I assume you are in the wrong place. :)

If you do happen to know what Howrse is. Welcome! Below are several questions to test your knowledge about the game. Some are easier than others. And the result doesn't mean you are inexperienced or stupid either. Just have fun!

Created by: Skydragon

  1. What is the special function you can buy with 3 passes a month or 30 a year?
  2. Which is the rarest Divine in the game?
  3. Which pet gives you aging points?
  4. If all the procedures are followed, how much chance is there that your unicowrn will reproduce?
  5. If all the procedures are followed, how much chance is there that your pegasus will reproduce?
  6. Which of the factors given below do NOT effect the prestige of an EC?
  7. Which competition has different 'requirements'?
  8. Which of the methods below does NOT give the chance to obtain passes?
  9. Which item can not be bought with passes?
  10. Which pet can be bought?
  11. From a standard box, how many upgrades are possible?
  12. What UFO can't be caught?
  13. What coat does not exist in the game?
  14. Which feature isn't included in the Apollo's Lyre?
  15. How many lessons can you run every day?
  16. Which of the horses below is not a Wandering Horse?
  17. Which of the products below can't be grown in a meadow?
  18. When breeding, which item does not effect the foal(s) produced?

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