Howrse Questions!

This quiz is about...well...simply - Howrse! Questions about Karma points, moderators and breeds of horses as well as much more!!! you have to be a complete howrse expert to get everything right!!

Are you a howrse expert? do you know absolotly everything there is to no about howrse? well, you don't know untill you try my excellent howrse quiz!!!

Created by: Hannah Saxby

  1. How many days of seniority must you have before reaching your first karma point?
  2. Which of these isn't a Howrse job?
  3. How much does a chronos Timer cost in the Black Market?
  4. What is the most popular breed of horses on howrse?
  5. Which one of these isn't a breed on howrse?
  6. Which isn't a MOD?
  7. What is objective no.3?
  8. Without the business key, how many days is it till you can open a EC?
  9. Which of these players os not in the top 10 in the general ranking:
  10. How many friends are you aloud?
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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