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  • LOTS of people will love you! 93%

    10 years from now your gonna be the best thing that happened in everyone's life.Do you wanna know why? Well,becuase basically YOUR PERFECT! EVERYTHING on you is perfect from the bottom to the top.And mostly your Personalality.That' s what they love about you to because its 10000x perfect!!Just continue being you from now until 10 years from now and don't change from the person you are now. you hear me?I really hope so.Mamma will be broud of you and your 10000x perfect life. The world and I love you! Have a great life beautiful

    i call bulls--- life is s--- n practically everyone i know hates me so yea

    Dark Vladimir
  • You'll be such a beautiful person 10 years from now. And you're beautiful now as well. Don't let anyone fool you or tell you differently. All the boys will follow you around. And the girls around you will be sooo jealous that they'll want to be you. You'll also have those curves that everyone wants. And when you're 45 you'll basically look like Jenifer Lopez. But, till then continue being that BEAUTIFUL person you are now. Much love to whoever you may be.

  • I likey this one! It's nice.Inspiring too.I once was called ugly :( And it ain't nice either.But this changed my mind BIG TIME about what I think when they tell me i'm too ugly.I'm gonna be a beautiful person and i'm just be me.Please make a new one soon Amina! If you do a great one now..I'm sure you'll do a greater one the second time.Thanks! One Love RASTA lol

  • I am deppressed, might kill myself tonight and this made it worse I KNOW YOUR LYING TO ME GOTOQUIZ.COM this is utter lies and as a mormon I do not support this website in any shape or form. but also as a p--- star I like the way it said I was perfect as I have been turned down in many rolls because I was not "conventionally perfect enough". So thank you but also goodbye.

    • Ello fellow norman. Dont kys god will take care of that :) good luck w your career tho ugly

    • Did you kill your self yet?.. I'm depressed too my life is s--- but I feel in my bones that it will be much better don't do anything to your self just try to forget everything happened leave those who turned you down who will never treat you well however how much close they are listen to your conscious mind and do the right thing, read books, exercise do it I did that I literally did that and I really felt better at least my heart doesn't hurt me anymore and please don't hurt yourself

  • I loved it!

    What I think she's trying to prove is that everyone should think and know that there Beautiful!

    Anyways ,It was great!
    Thanks for sharing your quiz with us!
    Whoever you may be :)

  • Great quiz! It is true that everyone is beautiful!

  • Hloo m sarika raina .......Thankyou soo much i am very alone in my life i have no parents no friends no love .m vry alon in my life i hate my thnku vry much

    Sarika raina
    • Awwwww I feel so bad for you!!!!!!! :( u will make I love you no matter what!!!!! I love everyone!!!!! Awwwwwww love u wish I could just meet you!!!!!!! My name is AlissaAbyss!!!!! Luv u <333333333333333333 love u share the love!!!!

    • ;))))))))

  • So of a* stupid auto correct

  • Ummmmm..... Funny

  • Liar

  • Funny and beautiful... So I'll be the same as now xD

    Mysterious Cat
  • It said I was a female even though I said male, disappointed smh.

  • My result: funny and beautfiul!
    Lol my friends always tell me im funny :P

  • i got pilot not what i was exepting but my momma gonna be proud of me

  • that's funny i got 83%. 🤔


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