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  • im defidently not going 2 drown i swim competitively

    crazyperson1 Feb 10 '15, 11:45AM
  • I won't commit suicide!!!!!!

    Ray Gao Aug 1 '12, 3:09PM
  • i'll commit suicide. im tryin 2 rite now

    threedaysgrace01 Apr 13 '08, 7:07PM
  • and quick, like i dont wanna be laying there for mins. if i get shot i better be like "bang" then i die. quick and simple.

    Puppy xo1 Apr 8 '08, 7:34PM
  • Your Result: You will be shot.

    A very brutal way to die, here's some advice on how to aviod this don't make enemies, don't be a bully, and listen when someone is talking if you are suspicious.

    You will blow up.
    You will drown.
    You will die in a car accident.
    You will save someone's life.
    You will commit suicide.

    As long as it's fatial.

    Puppy xo1 Apr 8 '08, 7:33PM
  • omg im a frikin swimmer theres no way im gonna drown

    boredoutamymind Apr 7 '08, 11:09PM
  • i took it again and im gonna save someone's life.

    i_am_waterproof Apr 7 '08, 9:37PM
  • im gonna blow up. great.

    i_am_waterproof Apr 7 '08, 9:36PM
  • i wont drown smart one.

    jenni Apr 7 '08, 9:22PM
  • you are flippin dumb...i am not gonna drown trust me

    mcrlover Apr 7 '08, 8:49PM
  • not such a good quiz...=(

    hotstuff13 Apr 7 '08, 7:22PM

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