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  • I got die from boredom lol.

    annafrozen12 Oct 5 '16, 10:07PM
  • Welp, 92% in a car crash, eh? Lol a year ago I was going to "die from saving someones life" and a few months ago it was from murder. Guess I must FEAR EVERYTHING! XD Seriously though, great quiz and you should definately make more.

    purplepink01 Sep 11 '16, 11:23PM

    User Aug 10 '16, 11:23AM
  • I will die in a car accident. Aaaaaaa. I actually think I will die in a plain crash. Oh, by the way, I have a quiz. It's called Ultimate Percy Jackson quiz. My name is sunny/luna/piper but i post as user.

    User Aug 10 '16, 11:11AM
  • I will die noble... I feel proud of myself.

    Jaybot13 Aug 5 '16, 9:42PM
  • I will not die of car accident in Jesus name

    TOMIWA Jun 22 '16, 6:55AM
  • I will not die of car accident in Jesus name

    TOMIWA Jun 22 '16, 6:54AM
  • I want the biggest crush of my life (simon cowell) to kiss me but i just cant! T.T

    NUUUUUUUUU Jun 16 '16, 8:00PM
  • Boy i dont think it works but i really want my biggest crush simon cowell to kiss me... T.T I cant do it! T.T

    NUUUUUUUUU Jun 16 '16, 7:58PM
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    LunaSunnyRex Jun 5 '16, 1:12AM
  • saving someone's life

    potterhead4eva Jun 2 '16, 12:48PM
  • Boredom....

    Kaylaallday Jun 1 '16, 7:22PM
  • How wil I die

    Rita yadav May 10 '16, 1:11PM
  • Seriously? I will die having sex?
    Ok, this quiz was crazyyyy

    Saara Apr 30 '16, 2:48PM
  • Sorry But i have posted my previous comment more than 10 times and it didn't work so don't be fooled

    J Mason Apr 24 '16, 3:07PM
  • i am going to die having sex

    alyson Apr 22 '16, 4:10PM
  • Nuclear holocaust!!

    What if i never get to go to such place ;-)

    oni nema Apr 19 '16, 3:54AM
  • Nuclear holocaust!!

    What if i never get to go to such place ;-)

    oni nema Apr 17 '16, 6:02AM
  • hello I am re-posting because you ask me to so and I will send this over to five quizzes.

    whitewolf73 Apr 1 '16, 11:39AM
  • Ima gets murdered! O_O OH NOS. naah not worried. No one seems to have a strong like or hate towards me (considering I rarely talk)so Im proooobably gonna live. thankz enewez. :/ I'm probably gonna fall somewhere cause I have realy bad coordination. word of advice for people with poor vision and coordination, stay. away. from high places. or walls, walls are probably lethal too.

    SkyKirin Mar 17 '16, 1:07PM
  • How will I die

    Saving someone's life 92%!!!!

    Arsinal Mar 16 '16, 10:45AM
  • How will I die?
    Your Result: You will die in your sleep.

    A peaceful departure into the next life. You are blessed with the good fortune of passing from sleep into eternity. Do not fear sleep. To dream into the next life is a rare gift.

    Adlh Mar 15 '16, 11:59PM

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