How White & Nerdy Are You?!

Are you white and nerdy? Dont know you say well then take this quiz to find out. THis quiz can help you if you need to know how to become white or nerdy. Just to let you know becoming white is harder than you think

takes about five minutes to complete. JUST DO IT! I KNOW YOU WANT TOO! plese pleas please take this quiz i need somone too no one has yet so please take this quiz

Created by: michael of this site
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  1. You know who Steven Hawkings is.
  2. You can name one of Steven Hawkings' books.
  3. You never end a sentence with a preposition.
  4. You have graduated from MIT.
  5. You are the best in the world at "Minesweeper".
  6. You have a fanny pack.
  7. What is "D&D"?
  8. You have an ergonomic keyboard.
  9. Your rims spin.
  10. answer wat you think

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Quiz topic: How White & Nerdy am I?!