Are You White and Nerdy

Do you pick your nose when no one is around? Do you spend your nights with bubble wrap? Don't answer that question aloud, just take my quiz based on the popular Weird Al Song white and Nerdy

Are you White and Nerdy? or do you have the intelligence of a middle school drop out? Are you a solid middle? Find out when you take my quiz based on the popular Weird Al Yankovic song

Created by: Adinah

  1. Did you graduate from M.I.T.
  2. Is your favorite drink Earl Grey Tea
  3. Do you wear braces?
  4. Do you caculus just for the fun of it.
  5. Is Happy Days your favorite theme song?
  6. Do you own a segway vehicle?
  7. Do you collect comics?
  8. Do you wear a fanny pack
  9. Were you in AV club, Glee club or the chess team
  10. Do you spend every weekend @ the renaissance fair?

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Quiz topic: Am I White and Nerdy