How nerdy are you? (based on Weird Al's "White n' Nerdy")

There are Nerds, Geeks, Jocks and Pimps. But i categorized them into 3 topics. Volcan, more of a geek, and Hot Topicer. you can only be one. A nerd is someone who is a very complex person. they even have relashonships, beleive it or not! So if your a nerd, be proud of it. If your not, be nice to nerds.

Which one are you? THe Volcan? The Geek? Or the Hot Topicer? YOu don't decide. I DECIDE FOR YOU! This quiz may decide your whole future! it can decide what kind of job you get!It can even decide whether you should be a leader or not (nerds are great leaders. just look at Picard!)

Created by: Ryan

  1. What lawn do you mow?
  2. Were you the first of your class?
  3. Favorite game?
  4. Who's in your library?
  5. What do you put on your sandwich?
  6. What gat you got?
  7. Languages?
  8. Vehicle?
  9. Motto?
  10. Who do you spend your nites with?

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Quiz topic: How nerdy am I? (based on Weird Al's "White n' Nerdy")