How Well Will You Survive A Zombie Attack?

Some people think to themselves if they are capable of surviving a zombie attack. Do you have what it takes to survive? Check this quiz out know and see if you do.

Dont you wanna know if you have the skill to survive a zombie attack? Well... do ya? stop reading this and go find out who knows maybe you do maybe you dont.

Created by: Justin

  1. How old are you?
  2. What kind of weapons will you have?
  3. What would you do first?
  4. What would be the BEST place to get supplies?
  5. One of your survivors has just been bitten what do you do?
  6. Your Surrounded by Zombies 10+ what should you do?
  7. One of your survivors is threatening one of your family members because he/she took the last can of food what do you do?
  8. Its night time and one of your survivors is lost what should you do?
  9. Your in a zombie attack and your running low on ammo what do you do?
  10. Last Question: All your survivors are dead. You have no food, no water, no shelter and you only have one bullet left in your gun what do you do?

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Quiz topic: How Well will I Survive A Zombie Attack?