How well do you watch cartoons?

Most people might say the love cartoons but do they really? Maybe, so my quiz will help you know how much you know about cartoons or not. Cartoon are good shows also

Do you like watching cartoons?,Do you love them?, Not everybody hogs cartoons shows than an other people. Well in a couple minutes you will find out if you are a cartoon maniac

Created by: Ashii

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  1. The characther squidward from spongebob squarepants has what kind of attitude?
  2. Name the main characters from the cartoon show WOW-WOW-Wubzzy.
  3. On the show The Backyardigans what are they always doing?
  4. On the show The Backyardigans what are they not always doing?
  5. What are the main charcters on ''Dora''
  6. What year did higglytown heros first come on?
  7. The Characther Johnny Brabo imitates which male singer
  8. In each episode of Perry the platupus where do Perry always sneack off to?
  9. Rolie Poile Olie is mostly what kind of characthers?
  10. Rolie Poile Olie is mostly where
  11. Rolie Poile Olie is mostly charchters that?

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Quiz topic: How well do I watch cartoons?