How well do you really know Mega Man?

Many people claim to know a lot about the Mega Man series. Many would claim they are true fans, after all, and could tell you things about if off the top of their heads. However, knowing is only half the battle.

How well do you REALLY know Mega Man? Sure, you may be familiar with one of the series of games here and there. But do you REALLY know your trivia about all of the Mega Man games?

Created by: Eaeruleus

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  1. Which of these bosses from the Classic series would mock you for trying to attack him with his own Robot Master weapon?
  2. Which of these does NOT play the part of a rival in their respective series?
  3. Which of these pairings do NOT share a sibling connection from their respective series?
  4. What boss enemy was featured in the Classic, X, and Zero series?
  5. Which of these is not a Biometal?
  6. What Classic series boss was able to be fought at some point in the X series?
  7. Which of these characters has not yet been featured in a fighting crossover game?
  8. Mega Man Online featured bosses from what Classic Mega Man game in its official trailer?
  9. In what series was Zero never mentioned or referred to at all?
  10. Which Greek letter has yet to be featured as a character in a Mega Man game?

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Quiz topic: How well do I really know Mega Man?