How Well do You Really Know Alternative Rock?

Many people think they know alternative rock........ And thats all i have to say but im getting in trouble cuz its telling me my quiz can't contain gibberish or excessive repeating of letters

This quiz will help you figure out the truth! It sucks that this paragraph has to contain at least a blank characters and its telling me i can think of something to say but i cant it sucks! Please take my quiz PLEaaaase Pleaaase

Created by: Gretchen
  1. Name This song: Don't wanna tango with you I'd Rather tango with him
  2. This song is by The All American Rejects ;Finish the lyrics:Please just don't play with me
  3. What is the name of Forever the sickest kids album that has Whoa oh! (me vs. everyone) on it?
  4. Who sings the following songs? The curse of curves;Loser;marraige to millions?
  5. Heres a list of song can you name the artists?1.wonderwall 2.All down hill from here 3.American Idiot
  6. Name a song each artist sings: 1.Weezer 2.Relient K 3.Motion City Soundtrack ?
  7. Which Band Is Alternative rock?
  8. Are you sick of this quiz yet?
  9. which song is actually by good charlotte?
  10. Many ppl Get these two groups confused Blink 182 and bowling for soup which one has the album Drunk enough to dance?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Really Know Alternative Rock?