how well do you know your yugioh cards

there are may good duelists but you could be the best of them all if you really really really wanted then you will so a good luck to you if you come out victourious then a big well done to you.

are you a yugioh master? do you have the strategy to qualify for this prestigous title well thanks to this great quiz your about to find out answer high then you are a good duelist score low then try and try again.

Created by: ryan martin 3l
  1. how many cards do you need to form the forbidden one
  2. who is the best duelist in duel academy?
  3. who is the hardest sacred beast to play?
  4. which one of theese cards do not exist?
  5. which has more attack points?
  6. which has more defense points?
  7. which card is more usefull
  8. in the yugioh episodes who threw yugi's egyption god cards in to the sea
  9. how many cards did joey recieve once his cards were thrown
  10. who are the main characters of both programes normal and GX
  11. what is one of my friends name

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