How well do you know your black musical artist?

How well do you know your African American musical artist? Take my quiz and see for your self. Find out if your a pro, if you need a little more practice, or if you shouldn't bet on it.

Are YOU, a black music pro? Do you know more about them then the artist them selves. [I dout it.] Take my short quiz and find out. Just a few minutes. Come on. Ya know you want to.

Created by: Mary

  1. Wich one of these people has 8 siblings?
  2. Wich one of these people had a song about racial power?
  3. Wich artist was crowned highest paid female black artist in history?
  4. Wich artist starred in the movie sisters act two, with Whoopi Goldberg?
  5. Wich artist name means 'To Give Thanks" in an African lanuage.
  6. Think hard. It's not that dificult when you think about it. what letter does the name of the artist with a dauter named after a famous city start with?
  7. Who's the prencess of pop?
  8. Wich artist is from New York?
  9. Wich amazing artist is from New Jersey? {i'm from there}
  10. Wich famous collection of siblings mothers name is Kathryn?
  11. Who played in the movie "The body gaurd?"
  12. Wich two of our most treasured artist played in the movie "The Wiz"
  13. SIKE! This is the last Question.What was the name of Beyonce's former girl group?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my black musical artist?