How musical are you?

Only a selected few people are musically talented. Only those people have what it takes to go far in the music industry. A musician must know certain things, and must know good music from bad music.

Are you a musician? Have you got what it takes to get a million dollar contract? Could you do what your favorite musical artist did? Find out with this quiz.

Created by: jethrotull
  1. Do you play an instrument?
  2. Do you listen to music?
  3. What's your favorite type of music.
  4. Are you in any bands?
  5. Do you make music on "Garage Band"
  6. How many hours a week do you spend listening to music?
  7. Who wrote the "New World Symphony"
  8. Who wrote "Something"?
  9. Which rock band is your favorite?
  10. Which is your favorite rapper?
  11. What's your favorite composer?
  12. Have you heard of Jethro Tull?
  13. Can you tell different notes from each other?
  14. Have you got rhythm?
  15. Can you read music?
  16. Have you heard of Gustav Mahler?
  17. Are you a guitar hero?
  18. Who's the best guitarist?
  19. How many song on your iPod?
  20. Lets be honest. Do you consider yourself a musician?

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Quiz topic: How musical am I?