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Oh so you think you know everything about Janet Jackson huh? Well lets see what you got. Take the quiz and lets see if you are Janet Jackson's Biggest fan.

Janet Jackson is one of the BIGGEST Female entertainers in the world and she is the most awarded living artist on the planet. Lets see how much you know about this artist... Take the Pop Legend Quiz.

Created by: Terell Green of Pop Legend - Janet Jackson "Fan Page"
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  1. Janet Jackson's choreography in the "Pleasure Principle" video was choreographed by?
  2. Janet Jackson's biggest selling album to date is?
  3. Which one of these producers worked on Janet Jackson's first album called "Janet Jackson" released in 1982.
  4. Janet Jackson rivaled with this artist in the 80's and 90's?
  5. Which single is Janet's BIGGEST selling single to date?
  6. How tall is Janet Jackson?
  7. This Female Artist attended the US opening night of The Rhythm Nation Tour in Miami, Florida on March 1, 1990.
  8. Which member of the 80's R&B group "Debarge", did Janet eloped with in 1984?
  9. In 1974, Janet made her show business debut at age 7 with her famous family at the old MGM casino in what city?
  10. This song was featured in the movie Ghost Dad, a 1990 comedy starring Bill Cosby.

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