How well do you know "While You Were Sleeping"

There are a LOT of movies out there..then there is..While You Were Sleeping!!! How many times have you watched it and how well do you think you know it?

Do you think you are clever enough to take my quiz and come out with hands held up high? Take it and find out..if you dare!! It will only take you minutes to find out!!!

Created by: Carol

  1. When Jerry, Lucy's boss, tells her that he is recommending her for employee of the month, where does Lucy say that she wish she was?
  2. When Peter finally speaks to Lucy at the train station, which of the following does she NOT say in response?
  3. When Madge asked Lucy What was it about Peter that first struck her and Lucy said that it was his smile, how did Ox respond?
  4. Peter's collegue that caused the "accident" in which Peter gained "more room in his jockey shorts" was named whom and from what attorney's office?
  5. During church, Jack made the comment that if Peter were getting married, he would've announced it in which of the following newspapers?
  6. Which of the following estates did they NOT get?
  7. What is Peter apartment's number?
  8. Who gets the "Lucy is pregnant" rumor started?
  9. What was Peter's 8th grade locker combo?
  10. As you know, Lucy married Jack instead of Peter. Where did Jack take Lucy for their honeymoon?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "While You Were Sleeping"