Sleeping Beauty Trivia

I know that there alot of Disney Fanatics in the world.Alot of Disney movies. Everyone has a favorite Disney movie,mine just happens to be Sleeping Beauty. If you love sleeping beauty as much as I do the you should definitely take this quiz.Or if you wanna try your lucky and see how much you know then go ahead and take the quiz.

Are you a Sleeping beauty expert? Have you seen the movie? Do you want to just see what you know? Well here's your chance if you want to test yourself then take this quiz if anything you will learn something you didnt know before ! Have fun enjoy the facts!

Created by: Amanda
  1. In what year was Sleeping Beauty Released?
  2. What number in disney movies first released is sleeping beauty? (example: Snow white was first to be released)
  3. True or False: Sleeping Beauty was the last movie Walt Disney released before his Death.
  4. How many years did it take to make Sleeping Beauty?
  5. Elenor Audley is the voice of Maleficiant,What other disney characters has she lent her voice talents to?
  6. what kind of cookies do the faries eat while trying to find a way to keep Aurora safe?
  7. What is the name of Aurora's mother the queen
  8. What does the name Aurora mean?
  9. What does the name Maleficiant mean?
  10. True or False: Sleeping Beauty has no dialouge in the second half of the movie
  11. What are the colors of The Three Good Faries?
  12. What gifts do the three Good fairies Give to Aurora in the begining of the movie?

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