How well do YOU know The Waitstaff?

Think you know all there is to know about The Waitstaff? You know they're Philadelphia's premier Sketch Comedy Troupe, but how about the individuals themselves?

The following are questions pertaining not only to The Waitstaff, but to the members of the troupe. How well do YOU know The Waitstaff? Let's find out...

Created by: Joe Quirk of The Waitstaff Blog
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  1. Which Waitstaffer has a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of the Arts?
  2. Which member of The Waitstaff got their start as a dancer touring with MTV?
  3. At which venue did The Waitstaff make their debut in November of 2003?
  4. Which 'Staffer co-composed the music and co-starred in 'MadCow Musical', a smash hit at the 2003 Philadelphia Fringe Festival?
  5. 'The Hypochondriac's Pocket Guide to Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have' was written by what member of The Waitstaff?
  6. Which troupe member snuck into a Super Bowl?
  7. Which Waitstaffer has had over 75 short plays produced around the U.S. by more than 20 theater companies?
  8. Which Waitstaffer writes for the Delaware Shakespeare Festival, a phrase that always earns them strange looks?
  9. Not to single them out, but who is the only Jewish member of The Waitstaff?
  10. Which member is an avid Rugby player?
  11. Which 'Staffer is an adjunct instructor at Widener and Drexel Universities?
  12. Which Waitstaffer was a former competitive figure skater and tennis player?
  13. Who leads The Waitstaff in languages learned and marriages?
  14. Which of the following schools has The Waitstaff NOT performed at?
  15. Which Philadelphia area newspaper called The Waitstaff 'Philadelphia's hottest sketch comedy troupe'?
  16. Why did the The Waitstaff call themselves 'The Waitstaff'?
  17. Where was the idea for The Waitstaff originally conceived?
  18. The Waitstaff has performed in all of these cities EXCEPT:

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