Well how much do you know about sketch

I think you like ROBLOX if you like sketch because that is what sketch mostly plays.I think it is hard to do the description so I don't know anything else to say but that does not matter

By the way if you like sketch you probably got a high percetage and of you got a high score and you don't watch sketch I'm going to say what the heck happened cause it makes no sense

Created by: Adrian
  1. What is sketches favorite color
  2. Who is Ethan
  3. Is sketch a uncle
  4. Does sketch own sir meows alot
  5. I think you passed but I need more questions....want to talk?
  6. How many letters are in the alphabet?
  7. Was the last question about sketch
  8. Ok back to sketch.... , What color hair does sketch have
  9. Does sketch swear
  10. Does sketch go to IN-N-OUT everyday

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Quiz topic: Well how much do I know about sketch