How well do you know The Voyage of the Dawn Treader?

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A king and some unexpected companions embark on a voyage that will take them beyond all known lands. As they sail farther and farther from charted waters, they discover that their quest is more than they imagined and that the world's end is only the beginning.

So how well do you know The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Take this quiz to find out. Each quiz in this Narnia series consists of 20 questions that cover one of the seven books. Some questions are harder or more detailed than others, but don't lose heart if you get a lower score than you had hoped. We all have a lot to learn.

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  1. What color was the Dawn Treader's sail?
  2. What date was it when Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace were whisked away to Narnia?
  3. How long had it been (in Narnian time) since the events of Prince Caspian?
  4. Who was Eustace obsessed with?
  5. Who sang Reepicheep's song to him?
  6. On which island were Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, Eustace, and Reepicheep entangled with slave traders?
  7. Who became Duke of the Lone Islands?
  8. What game did Lucy and Reepicheep frequently play
  9. What was the crest of the Lord Octesian?
  10. On which island did the Narnians find Reepicheep's coracle?
  11. Who named Deathwater Island?
  12. Who was the only lord the Narnians failed to recognize at first?
  13. What was the first brave thing Eustace ever did?
  14. Which spell did Aslan verbally scold Lucy for using?
  15. What comforted Lucy and led the Narnians out of the Dark Island?
  16. What did the fire-berries do?
  17. What fairy tale did Caspian reference when talking to Ramnadu's daughter?
  18. Who was the one sailor that stayed behind at Ramandu'sIsland?
  19. What enabled the Narnians to bear the increasing light?
  20. How did the Silver Sea get its name?

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