How well do you know The Last Battle?

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During the last days of Narnia, the land faces its fiercest challenge—not an invader from without but an enemy from within. Lies and treachery have taken root, and only the king and a small band of loyal followers can prevent the destruction of all they hold dear in this, the magnificent ending to The Chronicles of Narnia.

So how well do you know The Last Battle? Take this quiz to find out. Each quiz in this Narnia series consists of 20 questions that cover one of the seven books. Some questions are harder or more detailed than others, but don't lose heart if you get a lower score than you had hoped. We all have a lot to learn.

Created by: Hiccstrid of tumblr
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  1. Who came to Tirian asking for help?
  2. What food was Shift unjustly demanding in large quantities?
  3. Which animal kept persisting throughout the book that he didn't understand?
  4. What was Tirian able to do because he was an experienced warrior?
  5. Which of the three humans was the best at creeping through the forest?
  6. What is the name of the Narnian North Star?
  7. Tirian's password was: "The light is dawning...
  8. What was the formula for washing out Calormene skin dye?
  9. To which Narnian king were the Lone Islands given?
  10. Whose death did Farsight report to the King?
  11. What happened to Ginger the Cat?
  12. Who was the Calormene who actually believed in Tash?
  13. Which group was only out for themselves?
  14. Which animal did the Rishda Tarkaan plan on executing (as opposed to selling into slavery) after the battle on Stable Hill?
  15. What did Tash do to Shift?
  16. Who had a bad habit of interrupting stories?
  17. Which Pevensie was no longer a friend of Narnia?
  18. What new name did Father Time receive?
  19. What do the Narnian humans frequently call Talking Animals?
  20. What were the Friends of Narnia unable to feel even when they tried?

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