So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

There are many friends of the Four Headed Monster, and many enemies. To qualify as a friend of The Four Headed Monster you must have a sense of humor, good looks, a nickname, a fetish for animals . . . and Danny Elfman. To qualify as an enemy of The Four Headed Monster, you must be Josh B.

Are you a friend of The Four Headed Monster? Do you have the looks, the humor, the nickname, the Danny Elfman fetish? Do you have what it takes to be "one of us" without being one of us? (There can only be four heads) Well lets find out.

Created by: The Foru Headed Monster of The Sea Monkey Times
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  1. Who makes guest appearances as The Fifth Head?
  2. Who is the youngest of the four heads?
  3. Who's the oldest of the four heads?
  4. Which of the below combinations contain the correct nicknames of The Four Heads?
  5. Who gives The Four Headed Monster the best looks?
  6. Who coined the term "The Four Headed Monster"?
  7. Who does the Four headed Monster usually yell "Helloooo Nurse!" at?
  8. Which of the Four Heads likes that French movie you've never heard of?
  9. Which of the Four Heads is a Sudoku enthusiast?
  10. How many issues of The Seamonkey Times are there?
  11. Which of the Four Heads is a avid David Bowie fan?
  12. Which of the Four Heads is bedecked in elephants?
  13. Which of the Four Heads has an Irish music fetish?
  14. Which of the Four Headed Monsters is a little bit Country?
  15. Which one of us is left handed?
  16. Which two members of the Four Headed Monster celebrated Boxing Day by watching a video clip of Parilment blowing up at four am?
  17. Did anyone notice a pattern within the last question?
  18. "Remember, Remember, the fifth of November . . ."

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