How well do you know The Vampire Diaries.

There are many TVD fans, but are you a true TVD fan. This is a highly easy quiz for The Vampire Diaries, and you will be able to tell if you are true fan of the Vampire Diaries.

Are you a true Vampire Diaries Fan, take this quiz to see if you are awesome enough to pass this quiz, and be named THE TRUE VAMPIRE DIARIES FAN with flying colors

Created by: Kat Osborne
  1. Where did Stefan meet Elena
  2. What is Stefan and Damon?
  3. Who made Stefan and Damon what they are.
  4. When was Stefan and Damon turned?
  5. What is Elena?
  6. Who is Klaus?
  7. How many siblings does Klaus have?
  8. What does Klaus want with Elena's blood?
  9. In what season does Elena become a vampire?
  10. Last Question! What season of The Vampire Diaries are you on?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Vampire Diaries.