Which Vampire Diaries Character are you?

There are many vampire diaries fans and im sorry if you dont like the quiz it is my first one and i hope you like it. Because I am obsessed with the show.

Do you love the t.v. show the Vampire Diaries? then why not take this quiz it is the first one I have ever made. I hope you like it. So which vampire diaries character are you?

Created by: shelbi

  1. If you had the choice would you want to be a..?
  2. which word best describes your personality?
  3. Which style best describes yours?
  4. Do you want to live forever?
  5. Do you believe in true love?
  6. Which character would you say your most like?
  7. In your group of friends your the..
  8. What color is your hair?
  9. Are you ?
  10. What person do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: Which Vampire Diaries Character am I?