Do you know the the quote?

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READ THIS!!!! Okay,before anyone complains about it,THIS IS THE VAMPIRE DIARIES ONLY!!!So if you dont know it or something go watch it RIGHT NOW!PLEASEE!You dont have to-just saying it's only about The Vampire Diaries. ~Thank you~

Created by: MRS.STYLES

  1. Hiiii!!!(you saw it comming!)
  2. Okay,first question!Who SAYS this??For once i dont regret the day before it begins...
  3. Who says this,No sudden moves,No tricks either,No Katherine-ing
  4. Who says this?I have to know her
  5. Okay,now YOU must finish the quote(Wahaha-you cant say nothing mean now*evil look*)
  6. Finish this quote,There's always a choice
  7. Now I am going to do something different:)
  8. YOU have to guess who whoever says the quote says it to!!!YAY!
  9. Who does whoever says this,say it to?I dont want your help(or need,I forgot!)
  10. Will you please comment?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the the quote?