Are you more like Stefan, Damon, Klaus or Elijah?

This quiz will tell you who you would be and what personalities you share withe them. This quiz if for the vampire diaries and the originals fans or you might not know who these characters are.

You will be asked 10 questions about you, you can only pick one and one answer only. There is a "i dont know" option on a few of the questions but they wont give you points to your character.

Created by: randomperson656
  1. age?
  2. Gender?
  3. How much friends do you have?
  4. Would your friends describe you as kind?
  5. Are you shy?
  6. Do you get angry easily?
  7. Are you protective?
  8. What would you like to be?
  9. How much do you love tvd and to?
  10. Who do you want to be (doesnt affect answer)

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Quiz topic: Am I more like Stefan, Damon, Klaus or Elijah?