How well do you know the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

People love music. It comes in many forms, but today, this test tests you on your skill to recognize a band and let the world know how good you are. Ready?

Are you smart? Do you know what the task ahead is, If you do, then take this test.Don't hesitate. Go on. You'll know the Chilis soon enough. I know i do. great legends they are.

Created by: Jack Quilty
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  1. What album was released in 2006?
  2. Where did the Chili Peppers have their 2007 Concerts?
  3. What song on the Mother's Milk album was originally made by Stevie Wonder?
  4. Who is the bass player for the band?
  5. Singer for the band?
  6. Guitarist for the band?
  7. Drummer for the band?
  8. What is the first song on the Stadium Arcadium album?
  9. What is the color of the pool on he Californication album cover?
  10. Was Flea the first bassist for the band?
  11. What instrument does Flea play besides the bass?
  12. Where were Anthony Kiedis,John Frusciante,and Chad Smith Born?
  13. Mini question:If You can guess the instrument that i play, you'll get some points.Up to it?
  14. What year did the Chili Peppers start?
  15. Where was Flea born?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Red Hot Chili Peppers?