What red hot chili peppers song are you?

Red hot chili peppers are one of my favorite foods and they are my favorite band. Are they yours?

Take this quiz and see which Red Hot Chili Peppers song you are most similar to. Good luck.

Created by: Jon
  1. Fav. colors?
  2. Your type of party?
  3. What's your Friday night like?
  4. Music?
  5. You get loads and piles of homework.(If you're an adult, just pretend you are in school)
  6. Drink?
  7. Food?
  8. Game?
  9. Flower?
  10. What if I bombarded you with 38 more questions instead of this being the last? (this isn't a nonsense question, the way you answer will affect your result!)

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Quiz topic: What red hot chili peppers song am I?