Are you a true red hot chili peppers fan?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are an amazing band in my opinion. Are they to you? If you don't like them then you shouldn't be taking this quiz because there's hard questions about them. This is just a small warning tho so take it if you wish!

This quiz has hard questions about the RHCP so if you do good, then you have to be called a true fan of the RHCP (unless you're won of those jerks that brings up wikipedia to find all the answers-.-). So don't cheat! I'll be mad if you do >=[ lol.

Created by: Jon
  1. Which of the following is a song by The Red hot chili peppers?
  2. What's the lead singers name?
  3. What does everyone call the bass player?
  4. Drummer's name?
  5. Guitarist's name?
  6. What RHCP song's music video was made by a fan and won a contest?
  7. What RHCP songs were on Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band?
  8. What year were the RHCP formed?
  9. Who were the original RHCP guitarist and drummer?
  10. Who left the band for a few years?
  11. Which early RHCP album got them the fame they needed to become the amazing band they are today?
  12. (xtra credit)Where was Kiedis born?
  13. (BIG xtra credit) What is the bassist's REAL name?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true red hot chili peppers fan?