Are you a Chili-Head?

The power of chiles is enough to inspire mythology and folk tales, so it is not surprising that some people believe in its ability to control our minds--or at least our bodies. While it is true that many chile lovers exhibit distinctly druggie habits--we've seen people who always travel with a stash of hot sauce, Texans who carry tiny chilipiquin pods in silver snuff boxes, and Californians who indulge in the "pink fix," which is chile powder mixed with cocaine--chile is not a truly addicting substance.

Like hot food? Do you drench your food in hot sauces? How much do you really know about peppers? How hot can YOU take it? Get ready to dive into this short, but intense quiz of Chile Knowledge. I encourage you to look up answers after your first pass. Good luck!

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What is the difference between "Chili" and "Chile"?
There isn't any difference.
One is a spicy stew, the other is a country or a hot pepper.
Just different spellings of the same word.
Does it really matter?
The heat of chiles is measured in Scoville units. A Scoville unit is defined as:
the decibel of the screams of pain.
the number of margaritas needed to subdue the burning.
the number of drops of sugar water needed to neutralize the acids.
the number of scovilles who burst into flames after eating peppers.
too technical for me, just bring the pain!
Different peppers have different effects on people. While they all have varying degrees of heat, they can effect you in different areas. In order, identify the effected areas for Habanero, Black Peppercorns, and Cayenne.
Eyes, mouth, nose.
Nose, throat, mouth
Stomach, nose, eyes
How the heck can you tell?
I just tried them all and I am just catching my breath.
If a pimento has 500 scoville units, and a Jalapeno has 8,000 scoville units, a Habanero is rated at:
What is a Habanero?
I guess it is about 10 times hotter than a Jalapeno, 80,000 units.
Anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000 depending on the variety and growing region.
It's gotta be close to 2 million.
925,000 units for most varieties grown domestically.
The chemical that puts the heat in peppers is called:
Rectum Burnium
Pepper heat stuff
Muretic Acid
Pepper spray available to the public is used to deter would-be attacker by spraying in the offenders face. How many Scoville units does consumer pepper spray have on average?
Hmmmm, can you cook with it?
Chiles have an important role in many cultures. In fact, the Aztecs had a Chile God that they worshipped.
True, his name was Ayar-Uchu
False, where chiles do have significant impact on many societies, there has never been a chile god.
True, it is believed that Poncho Villa was the "Chile Brother" reincarnate.
What are you blathering about?
Excellent, does he still have a temple?
While each style is distinct in its own way, there are 3 states known for their chili con carne (also known as just "Chili"), they are:
Texas, New Mexico, and California
New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Idaho
Ohio, Texas, and Colorado
Texas, South Carolina, and Arizona
What is "Texas Red"?
A variety of chile pepper grown around Austin.
Chili con carne without beans.
Someone who has read many books on Texas.
A dusty shade of red.
A habanero hot sauce made in the style from Belize has what as its secondary ingredient? (Think "Melinda's")

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