How well do you know "The L Word"?

Even though the series is over, I still think its one of the best shows on television. Oh What show? The L Word. Who can forget Bette and Tina, Sharmen? Oh and baby Angie wasnt she cute! The show was awesome, You cried you laughed at times you were just confused but it was great.

Do you think YOU know The L word?? The infamous Shane hook-ups? The Big break-ups the even bigger hook-ups? Do you think you know theses LA ladies better than I do.. better than Rose Iam even?? If you do then take this quiz and see how much you actually do know.

Created by: Brandi
  1. What L word couple was together for 8 years?
  2. Who in the first season, claims to be bi-sexual?
  3. Which character grew up in foster care?
  4. Why didnt Jenny and Tim get married?
  5. Who was Dana's first lesbian love interest?
  6. Who is Kit?
  7. Who did Dana almost marry?
  8. Why didnt Dana marry her?
  9. What was the name, and profession of the woman Bette cheated with?
  10. What does Shane do for a living?
  11. How does Shane end up with her kid brother?
  12. What is her brother's name?
  13. When Shane's brother breaks his arm, how does Shane get the money to pay for his medical bills?
  14. Why does Helena get cut off?
  15. How does Helena wind up in jail?
  16. What is the name of Bette and Tina's daughter?
  17. Who is Jodi Lerner?
  18. What is the name of Alice's radio show?
  19. When Tina goes back to men wht is the name of her lover?
  20. "17 Reasons Why!" Why is the phrase important?
  21. What did Dana do for a living?
  22. How did Dana die?
  23. Who is Papi and Tasha?
  24. Who is Phyllis?
  25. What are these Characters' last names: Bette, Tina, Alice, Dana, Kit, Helena, Shane, Jenny, Max
  26. Last question...WHO KILLED JENNY SHECTER???

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "The L Word"?