The Word Wiz Quiz #6 Animals

The Word Wiz Quizzes are designed to test your knowledge at all levels. Remember . . . as the number on the Word Wiz Quiz gets bigger, the questions get harder. So get ready to learn. And, get ready to discover some things you may never have known about God's Word before taking . . . The Word Wiz Quiz!

Quiz questions about TV, movies and music are a blast, but when you're all done, what answers really benefited your life? When you answer questions from a Word Wiz Quiz, you will often learn things about life, and be challenged to better understand God's plan for you to live it. I am really excited that you are going to learn some great facts from God's Word!

Created by: Austin Vanderzee
  1. In the parable of the prodigal son, what kind of animals did he look after?
  2. What kind of animals did Abel look after?
  3. What bird crowed, reminding Peter that he had denied Jesus?
  4. What kind of bird was seen above the head of Jesus when He was baptized?
  5. What kind of animal did the father of the prodigal son kill to celebrate his son's return?
  6. What kind of birds did the Israelites catch for food in the desert?
  7. What was Jesus riding when he entered Jerusalem?
  8. What kind of animal skins were used for the clothes worn by John the Baptist?
  9. Which animal did David strike and kill to protect one of his sheep?
  10. What animal's blood did the Israelites sprinkle around their front doors?

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