How well do YOU know the Harry Potter series?

There are so many quizzes out there about whether you're a true Potterhead - almost as many as there are muggles - but many use the films as the base for the questions. This will see whether you know you're quotes, names, and which is the correct spelling. Take you're Quills at the ready, and... begin!

Are YOU a Potterhead? Do you have the knowledge of a muggle, squib, mudblood, half-blood, or Pureblood? Are you as full of knowledge about the Battle of Hogwarts a you are about the First World War? This will see whether you have the knowledge so many claim to have...

Created by: Alice
  1. What was the opening line of the first book?
  2. What is the first line of the Hogwarts School Song?
  3. Fill in the blank ""After all this time?" "-----------------" said Snape"
  4. Regarding the previous question, who is the person Snape and Dumbledore are talking about?
  5. What is Voldemort's proper name?
  6. Who is Peter Pettigrew?
  7. Who was the Potters' secret-keeper?
  8. What was Remus Lupin's Animagus form?
  9. What is Tonk's first name?
  10. What house was Merlin in?
  11. Hufflepuffs are particularly
  12. Ravenclaws are particularly
  13. Gryffindors are particularly
  14. Slytherins are particularly
  15. What were the last words of the las page of the last book?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Harry Potter series?