Are you a Harry Potter expert? (Part 3)

Hey guys!! This is the third part of my quiz series- are you a Harry potter expert? This one may be of the same level as the last, or a wee bit tougher, I can't say.

And I would like to thank a few people. aadee and funniebunnie01, thanks a lot for taking my quizzes and commenting on them. I love to have your feedback! And I hope both of you score more than you did last time and prove to yourselves and to others that you are true Harry Potter experts!!

Created by: Zia

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  1. When is Harry Potter's birthday?
  2. Who was the only player in Hogwarts to beat Harry in finding the Snitch?
  3. Harry is a descendant of which Peverell brother?
  4. Which one of these is NOT a centaur?
  5. Which of these incantations is used to summon an object?
  6. Who of the following did not sleep in Harry's dorm?
  7. With whom did Ginny attend the Yule Ball?
  8. Harry is the master of which house elf?
  9. Who enchants the bludger which breaks Harry's arm?
  10. What is the colour of the Quaffle?
  11. So, how was the third part? I'll try and bring the fourth part out soon!!

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Quiz topic: Am I a Harry Potter expert? (Part 3)