Are you a Harry Potter expert ?(Part 2)

Hey guys! This is the second part of the quiz I made earlier-Are you a Harry potter expert? So, if you haven't taken the first quiz, you can go take it now and then return to this quiz.

So, if now you've taken the first quiz, you are absolutely ready to take this quiz now! Go on and test yourself. See if you can score higher than you scored in the previous quiz!

Created by: Zia

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  1. How do you produce a patronus?
  2. Who was accused of using Harry's wand to create the dark mark at the Quidditch World Cup?
  3. Where is the 'Riddle House' situated?
  4. Who was the actual owner of the Elder Wand before Harry?
  5. How long was it before the Chaber Of Secrets was opened again(in years)?
  6. Who was killed by a basilisk?
  7. In the seventh year, who switched the sword of Gryffindor?
  8. In his first year, who tried to knock Harry off his broom with a spell?
  9. In which year do students learn to apparate?
  10. The sorcerer's stone allows the creation of ?
  11. So, how was the quiz? Next part gonna be out soon! (I hope you found it more difficult than the previous one,aadee!!)

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Quiz topic: Am I a Harry Potter expert ?(Part 2)