Expert Harry Potter quiz

How well do you know the Harry Potter books? Well this is a pretty difficult quiz on the books and I can't wait to see if anyone can get full marks!!!

WARNING take quiz at own risk. I assume that most people would not be able to answer all the questions correctly without the books in front of them. AND NO CHEATING!!!!

Created by: Olivia

  1. Let's start with an east one: in one of hagrid's COMC classes, how many people in Harry's class could see thestrals?
  2. How many points in total were taken from Gryffindor after Harry and the others were caught out of bed by Filch after dropping off Norbert?
  3. What colour and height were the Cornish Pixies in Lockhart's first class?
  4. Approximtely how many dementors attacked Harry, Sirius and hermione at the lake?
  5. How did Harry get the name hedwig for his owl?
  6. Which of these are correct? In ron's first year he had:
  7. What does R.A.B stand for?
  8. What was the joke that Ron told Madame Rosmerta in his sixth year about?
  9. What witch is renowned for repeatedly getting caught by muggles so she could use the flame freezing charm while being burnt at the stake?
  10. Hardest question of all: What is the incantation to mark a surface with an 'X'? (okay not really that hard but not too easy)

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