how much do you know about harry potter?

Many people know about harry potter but there aren't many experts. My friend abi knows what it takes to be a expert for she is one herself.which is not much. All you need is to read harry potter

Are YOU a expert? Do you know everything about harry potter? Maybe. Thanks to this great quiz you're going to find out!good luck to you!I hope you get high scores!

Created by: Hufflepuff champ

  1. What's the name of harry potter's godfather?
  2. What two things did harry recieve during dueling tom riddle in book no.2?
  3. What job does harry get when he grows up?
  4. How many kids does harry have?
  5. Whom has Severus Snape on their side?
  6. Who is the youngest of the following?
  7. What type of wizard is harry
  8. How does harry describe his mission at the end of book no.7?
  9. Who kills Sirius black?
  10. What shape is Harry's patronus?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about harry potter?