The Most Impossible Harry Potter Quiz Ever

There are many people who say they know everything about Harry Potter but that is not always the truth. These are questions that only the truest of fans could know.

Do YOU know everything about Harry Potter. Take this quiz and find out not only how much y know about Harry Potter, but what you would get on your O.W.Ls.

Created by: BellatrixLover3
  1. Bellatrix Lestrange was how many years older than Sirius Black?
  2. What was the last message the Heir of Slytherin left on the walls before Harry went into the Chamber of Secrets?
  3. What were the names of James Potter's (Harry's father, not Harry's son) parents?
  4. How old was Voldemort when he died?
  5. What was the first insult Vernon Dursley said about Dumbledore?
  6. What did the letter say to Petunia to make her let Harry stay?
  7. What was James Potter's (again, Harry's father, not Harry's son) mother's maiden name?
  8. Which is an ingredient used to make Polyjuice Potion?
  9. Who was not a Death Eater at all?
  10. Voldemort was how many years older than Hagrid?
  11. What was Hagrid's first name?
  12. At his rebirth, who did Voldemort call his most faithful servant?
  13. Who was a Death Eater?
  14. When was Lily Evans born?
  15. Where was Dumbledore born?
  16. What did Minerva McGonagall break when she was on the Quidditch team?
  17. Where did the Basilisk's fang puncture Harry?
  18. Who was a Squib?
  19. What did Hermione get an E in on her O.W.Ls?
  20. What was Remus Lupin's alias on Potterwatch?

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