Are you a Harry Potter expert?

So many people call themselves Harry Potter experts. But are they really experts? Are you a really huge Harry Potter fan, like everyone claims to be?

Find out if you love the Harry Potter series as much as you claim you do! Do you have what it takes to be a Harry Potter expert? Take this quiz to find out!! I'll love it if you take some time out and comment on the quiz! Thanks!

Created by: Zia

  1. What were the names of Harry's parents?
  2. What was the name of the person who formed the house in which Harry was sorted?
  3. What is Crabbe's first name?
  4. What is Goyle's first name?
  5. Which potion did Hermione brew in their second year to change their appearance and disguise themselves as someone else?
  6. Ok,so the previous questions were just for warm up. Now for the tough questions!!
  7. What is Hermione's patronus?
  8. Which two people share the same patronus, the doe?
  9. Which two people share the same patronus, the stag?
  10. What is Hagrid's first name!
  11. In which year does Dobby appear for the first time in the series?
  12. In which year does Dumbledore hand over the invisibility cloak to Harry?
  13. So, how was the quiz?? I'm going to make another part soon!

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Quiz topic: Am I a Harry Potter expert?